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October 2012
eBusiness News
eBusiness Charleston Workshop was a Great Success!!!
The eBusiness Team hosted its seventh annual workshop at the Charleston Marriott on September 24-26. The theme was "Information Visibility. See More. Know More. Accomplish More." showcasing the many ways CSX is striving to provide customers with more information in a real-time manner through mobile applications and notifications.

The 3-day agenda kicked off with a meet and greet dinner featuring; Clarence Gooden, executive vice president and chief commercial officer, Ed Jenkins, assistant vice president market strategy and eBusiness, Kyle Hancock, vice president industrial and agricultural, Derrick Smith, vice president emerging markets, Jack Vierling, assistant vice president car management and Mike Pendergrass, vice president transportation southern region.

Customers also received hands-on training around ShipCSX, CSX eBusiness suite of tools, and interaction with various CSX departments. Workshop classes provided the inside track on how to use: Account Invoices, Car Order, Freight Claims, Plant Switch, ShipCSX How Tomorrow Moves, Shipping Instructions, Shipment Management Suite, Transit Times, Rail Partners tools (Car Accounting, ISA, and Junction & Switch Settlement), and Unit Train Management Suite.

In between classes, customer were provided the opportunity to visit a special area called the "Ask the Expert Zone" which included numerous CSX department booths where they could ask questions and discuss their particular business challenges. Departments featured were; CSX Technology, Car Management, Customer Service, Demurrage & Supplemental, eBusiness, Load Engineering & Design, Marketing Services, Pricing Services, Rail Billing & Collections, Railroad Education & Development Institute (REDI) Center, Junction & Switch Settlement, Service Design & Planning, Service Start-Up & Integration, Short Lines & Regional Development, and Total Service Integration (TSI).

The Charleston Workshop was one of the largest to date with 114 customers in attendance! The eBusiness Team would like to say THANK YOU to each of you who attended. It was a pleasure meeting all of you and hope you found your time with us informative and fun. The feedback you provided on our tools during the workshop is invaluable to us!

Couldn't make it to the Charleston Workshop? Use the links below to download the training material provided at the workshop.

eBusiness Customer Workshop Training Manual
Railcar Tracking, Parameter Trace and Event Notifications Enhancements  
On September 16, enhancements to Railcar Tracking, Parameter Trace and Event Notifications will be available.

Parameter Trace and Event Notification changes:
The option to select Pick-Up party as a customer type were added.

Railcar Tracking changes:
The Railcar Tracking Equipment Trace Display Event options were changed to provide you with more interline trace information on your shipments.

New Display Events options are as follows:
  • Nationwide Last Event: will provide you with the last event reported on an offline carrier or on CSXT when CSXT is in the route.
  • CSX Last Cycle: remains unchanged and will still provide you all of the reported CSXT moves for your shipments.
  • Nationwide Cycle: will provide you with all the events that have been reported with your shipments while moving on an offline carrier and CSXT when CSXT is in the route.
  • CSX Last 8 Events: remains unchanged and will still provide you with the last 8 reported CSXT moves.
  • Remaining Schedule: will allow you to view the remaining scheduled (trip plan) moves for your shipments.

Some Display Event Options have been removed to support this new enhancement. Options that were removed are:
  • CSXT Last 1 Event
  • CSXT Last 2 Events
  • CSXT Last 3 Events
  • CSXT Last 4 Events
  • CSXT Last 5 Events
  • CSXT Last 6 Events
  • CSXT Last 7 Events

If you have Equipment List Reports saved with any of the Display Events that have been removed, your report will be updated with the following new options:

  • Reports saved with CSXT Last 1 Event will be converted to Nationwide Last Event.
  • Reports saved with CSXT Last 2 through 8 Events will be converted to Nationwide Last Cycle
ShipCSX Mobility  
Did you know there are multiple ways to access ShipCSX while on the go using your wireless phone, smartphone, or tablet devices?

Access ShipCSX tools on your mobile phone at mobile.shipcsx.com or download Apps for your iPhone or Android device. To download the Apps, click on the appropriate store shown below, download the free App, and then login with your current ShipCSX credentials.

ShipCSX Apps encompass:
  • Railcar Tracking - Trace your cars to see where they've been and where they are
  • Train Tracing - Enter a train ID to see the route of the train and where it's been so far
  • Railcar Specs - Retrieve rail car specifications (weights, dimensions and other details)

ShipCSX's mobile website (mobile.shipcsx.com) includes the App functions plus it offers:
  • Coal Reservation Details - View coal shipment details on your mobile device
  • Plant Switch - Submit switch requests to have CSX place, move or pick up cars
  • Intermodal Shipment Inquiry - Drivers can verify that billing is in place prior arriving at the gate

ShipCSX on a Tablet (iPad, Kindle Fire, Android, etc.)
When using a tablet device go to www.ShipCSX.com. You will be able to access all the tools in ShipCSX with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome.

If you have any questions on our mobile support, or suggestions on how to improve our mobile tools please contact the eBusiness support team at 1-877-ShipCSX option 2.

ShipCSX E-Mail Subscription  
Managing the Emails that ShipCSX Sends You

ShipCSX gives you the tools you need to manage the emails we send you. Within many of our tools, you can subscribe or unsubscribe from email notifications that are relevant to that tool. There is also a comprehensive view of all the emails you can manage.

From within a particular tool, click on the 'Set Options' or 'Options' task. From there, you will see notification types pertinent to that tool. Subscribing is as simple as checking the checkbox at the left if you want to get that email or de-selecting it if you no longer want it. You'll need to confirm your selection by clicking the 'Save Options' or 'Update' button.

If you'd rather review and change all of your email subscriptions from one list, go to the 'Resources' dropdown of ShipCSX and select the Email Subscription choice. From here you can manage all of your tools' notifications. Subscribing and unsubscribing works the same way as described previously.

For each email type, you'll see a Subscribe Others box. This is where you can have ShipCSX email someone of your choice, whether he or she is a ShipCSX user or not. If you make changes, remember to click the 'Save Options' or 'Update' button.

We recently rolled out a notice that emails you when one of our local trains won't be working your industry today or tomorrow. To see if you are subscribed, go to the Customer Notification tool in the 'Ship' dropdown click on the 'Options' task. The Train Annulment Notices will be checked if you are receiving them. Over the upcoming months, we'll be adding other notification types here, such as, what is on My Work Order, what Work Order Exceptions were taken, cars that are delayed for repair en route (Bad Order), cars that are overloaded, and cars that have departed without billing.

We hope this helps you manage your shipments that you put in our care.
New Harmonized Tariff Code Requirements  
In compliance with new Customs & Border Protection (CBP) requirements for the ACE system, effective September 27th, 2012, for type 62 and 63 bonded shipments originating in Canada, customers will be required to provide the Harmonized Tariff Code in their bill of ladings. For customers submitting bills of lading electronically in EDI 404 transaction set, an N9 segment with 'HS' qualifier in the N901 and the 6 or 10 digit Harmonized Tariff Code in the N902 will be required. EDI 404's received after September 26th, 2012 that do not contain the Harmonized Tariff Code will be rejected. In these cases, an EDI 824 (Application Advice) transaction will be sent to the EDI 404 originator to identify rejected bills of lading. For customers submitting shipping instructions utilizing the ShipCSX tool, edits will be in place to insure entry of the Harmonized Tariff Code for these bonded shipments.

The Harmonized Tariff Schedule is published by the United States International Trade Commission. Customers can research to find the appropriate Harmonized Tariff Code online at:
Employee Spotlight: Welcome Lauren Acre and Kellie Reid  

Kellie Reid joined our eBusiness team in August of this year. She began her career with CSX in September 2010 as a Quality Service Representative with our Intermodal Customer Service team. Where she worked with the UPS Team and truckload customers keeping them notified on their shipments. Kellie brought with her 15 years of Customer Service experience working with distributors in the construction field. She also holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Management.

Lauren Acre also joined the eBusiness department of CSX Transportation in August 2012. After receiving her Bachelors of Business Administration in May 2010, she began working for a local realtor's association focusing on digital media, marketing, and training members on a customizable web tool. While with the association, she simultaneously worked towards her Masters of Business Administration degree; which she completed in May 2011.

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