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April 2012
eBusiness News
ShipCSX App now Available for Android Users
Released January 19, 2012, the latest of the ShipCSX mobile apps was launched into the Android Market.

The app will allow users to:
  • Trace equipment: Trace up to 10 railcars, containers or trailers at a time to receive the latest movement information, movement history, as well as, ETA and next scheduled moves.
  • Trace Trains using a 4 or 6 byte train ID: Get the latest train movement information and scheduled train moves.
  • Look-up UMLER information using Equipment Specs: Inquire on up to 10 units of reqistered equipment to retrieve specifications on General Equipment Specs, Dimensions, Weight, and any Special Characteristics.
  • Email results from any of the tools within the app instantly to yourself or others!
You must have a ShipCSX login to use the app. Users will enter the same User ID and Password used to access the www.shipcsx.com website.

The app is free to download from the Android Marketplace and can be used on most Android devices. Simply type "ShipCSX" into the Android Marketplace search or click the below icon to install the app.

ShipCSX App is also available for iPhone, iPads and iPod Touch devices through the App Store.

Have you seen the ShipCSX Freight Claims Tool Updates?  
Many customers have given us feedback on our tools at the eBusiness Customer Forums, through surveys, and in one-on-one conversations. Based on your feedback, we've made enhancements to the ShipCSX Freight Claims Module. The new features make it easier for you to submit freight claims and damage reports.

These new features include:
  • Ability to attach photos and documentation to Loss or Damage Reports and Freight Claims at the time of submittal
  • An Additional field has been added for Automobile Claimants; the VIN number on the Freight Claims Status Page
  • Download capability on the Freight Claims Status Page

CSX will receive the supporting documentation regarding the freight claim or damage report submitted. You will receive an email confirming the document(s) submitted. Look for additional enhancements in the 2nd quarter.
For more information or for access to ShipCSX, contact eBusiness at 1-877-ShipCSX (1-877-744-7279), Prompt 2, Option 1.
ShipCSX Shipping Instructions Templates Changes  
The Shipping Instructions Templates page was enhanced Tuesday, March 6th, to include a Shipper Name drop down to help you locate templates assigned to specific shipping locations. This new field will only be present when you have chosen to show 'All of My Templates", and you submit billing for multiple locations. This enhancement is designed to make locating your templates an easier, more efficient process.
E-Business is Coming to a Location near You  
CSX E-Business is partnering with the Service Start-Up & Integration team to provide Railroading 101 Workshops in locations around the network. Each month, members from different CSX departments gather regionally with local CSX operating teams to provide relevant and timely updates about CSX. A big part of these workshops is allowing customers to ask questions about different topics, including ShipCSX and E-Business tools.

Customers get updated on the need-to-know E-Business tools, as well as seeing new tools recently released, such as Transit Times and our new ShipCSX smart phone app. Active participation has been the key at these events, with many customers saying they have gained a greater knowledge about CSX and E-Business tools after attending.

So far this year, there have been 3 workshops and many more are being planned. 31 customers and 11 CSX personnel attended a workshop in Nashville, TN on February 8th. 27 customers, 11 CSX personnel attended a workshop in Richmond, VA on February, 29th and 12 customers, 6 CSX personnel attended another workshop in Florence, SC on March 21st. The next workshops are planned for Lafayette, IN on March 29th, tentatively in Montgomery, AL on April 26th and Nashville, TN. Look for more information on upcoming workshops coming soon.

Pictured, E-Business Manager Paul Bray is presenting ShipCSX tools.

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